from cartoonist Adam Zyglis, Buffalo, NY, The Buffalo News.
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this is from transafixion:

These are the two guys the city of Boston has arrested to make up for their outrageous overreaction to a two week old, ten city viral marketing campaign by the Cartoon Network show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The city of Boston, and the news organization covering the story (who also went ballistic with the story yesterday morning), are blaming their apparent lack of sensibility on everyone else but themselves.

I am glad these guys went up to the microphones and pointed out how ridiculous this all is. All the reporters were trying to do was cover their asses and blame these guys for “misleading” them, rather than owning up to their obvious misjudgments.

And 9/11 isn’t an excuse for this. Case and point, nine other cities had the same viral marketing take place and they didn’t even flinch. Boston didn’t even flinch for 10 days.

This is the society George Bush has created.

A society that places fear about everything else. Fear that there’s a bomb on every corner. Fear that they will get blamed for not “doing enough”. Fear, and then more fear.

What’s worse, the Boston government and media is blaming their own fear, and fear mongering, on the marketers. Here’s Boston Mayor Thomas Menino:

“I just think this is outrageous, what they’ve done … It’s all about corporate greed.”

Give me a break.

I am definitely not one to defend corporations, but this is ridiculous. You overreacted. No other mayor did what you did.

You have been played for a sucker in George Bush’s America.

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