bolsa, 6′ Zippifish 8/21/07

surfed bolsa, at corky’s, on the 6′ zippfish quad again today.

once again, it was only about waist high, but still fun.
dont think ill be able to paddle out tomorrow cuz i have a jazz rehearsal in the morning.
bummer…….but, i might be able to go out after 2p or so. if i go, ill take out the bonzer. we’ll see.

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bolsa, 6′ Zippifish 8/20/07

today i surfed the 6′ Zippifish Quad at bolsa. small, but fun!

i havent paddled out in over a month!!!!!…….and its not for lack of trying. ive been in and out of town, performing a lot, etc. also, the surf hasnt been that good. ive gone several times, but the surf was so weak i didnt paddle out. it felt good to finally get some waves today. my schedule is changing and i know ill be able to surf more.

i like this time of the year.
for many in the SoCal area, school starts this week and next week. crowds start to thin out at the beach. by september, the beaches get empty. it gets a bit cooler, but i dont mind putting on the wetsuit. surfing SoCal from sep-december is great when we get waves. this past summer has been so small, im really hoping for good swells soon.

im gonna paddle out tomorrow before my gig.

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new Zippifish 7/20/07

a 6’2″ Zippifish with a yellowish-green abstract design. this Zippifish is for sale at Icons of Surf in San Clemente, CA.

there are new boards posted at Zippifish.

ill be posting features on all the new Zippifish as they arrive. as you may already know, i am the moderator for the Zippifish Blog. i love these boards. i own 3 Zippifish, and ive got my eye on a custom 5’9″ Zippfish Quad.

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bolsa, 5’8″ Zippifish, 7/6/07

the 5’8″ Zippifish

today i surfed bolsa with the 5’8″ Zippifish twin. the board is so much fun, i dont want to give it back.(its a demo) Michael Zippi is letting me use it while he repairs my other Zippifish that i hit rock and damaged the lock box. i think im gonna surf my 5’10” Zippifish next time i go out, which wont be until monday…….i try not to surf on the weekends. im interested to feel how the two boards compare. ill letcha know.

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bolsa, 5’8″ Zippifish, 7/5/07

today i surfed bolsa chica with the 5’8″ Zippifish. totally fun! the board rides like a skateboard. i had a good time. i was gonna put on the quad fins, but i think ill leave it as a twin and surf it again tomorrow. the swell seems to be dying. it was 2′ to 3′ today, with the normal impossible current. i managed to get my waves and have a good time. more tomorrow…


bolsa, 5’8″ Zippifish, 7/3/07

today i surfed bolsa chica again with the shelter bonzer. it was a foot bigger than yesterday, but the current was unstoppable! i paddled out, drifted 3 lifeguard towers, got out, walked back, repeat. definitely better yesterday, but i managed to get my waves today. i visited Zippi today and got a 5’8″ Zippifish twin keel with a quad lock box option. im gonna take it out as a twin, and as a quad, over the next few days. i dont think ive surfed a board this small since i was in middle school. believe it or not, im a tiny bit bigger than i was back then.

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bonzer, zippi, commuted 7/2/07

we finally had some waves today. yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i surfed bolsa on the shelter bonzer first, and then the zippifish for a second session. it was 1′ to 3′, and kinda bumpy. whatever! im just grateful for any waves at this point.

also, if im ever convicted of a crime such as treason or the obstruction of truth, i would like to be commuted. what a great president, administration, law system we have in this country! truly unbelievable!

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