39 waves

i have not updated this blog in awhile, since i’ve been doing everything on Facebook.
haven’t we all?

but, i feel the desire to post this current project here.

today i surfed Sano.
excellent conditions, chest high, slight off shores.
im in the midst of a little surfing experiment.
how many waves do i catch on a surfboard, before i move on to another surfboard?

so far, this is the breakdown:

i surfed last Monday and caught 11 waves.
i surfed last Friday and caught 15 waves.
i surfed today and caught 13 waves.
my total of waves caught so far on my 6’8″ Zippifish Twin is 39 waves.

i was thinking of surfing 50 waves on this board, and then moving to another board in my quiver.
but, i now think 50 waves is not enough.
i don’t know how many waves to catch before i switch boards, but i feel it may more than 50.


i dunno.
time will tell.
i do all of this because i’ve recently realized i never spend too much time on one surfboard.
i tend to jump from one board to another, and maybe i would benefit from staying on one board for a longer period of time.
much like i did when i was 16 years old and only owned one surfboard.
i surfed much better then.

we will see.

more later…



seal beach 10/7/08

today i surfed the 5’10” Zippifish at Seal Beach with Max. it was about waist high, and kinda closed out…..but i got my corners. going tomorrow…

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kingfish – zippifish

“Hey Phil,

Love your site! I have a surfing question for you – I’ve ridden a 6′8″ Kingfish for years and loved it, but it got stolen recently. I was either going to get another Kingfish – or maybe a Zippi. Can you tell me the differences between the two boards? Might I be able to go shorter with the Zippi, say maybe 6′6″? I’m a middle-aged, very average surfer, about 5′8″, 140 pounds. Would love to hear your thoughts!


~Hey Kenneth,

thanx for the kind words.

the Kingfish and the Zippifish are two different boards. the Kingfish is a very cool “long-shortboard” that has the glide and ease of a longboard, with the ability to crank some speed and go vert when needed. Gumby (Pat Ryan) developed the Kingfish with the idea that the board would not be shorter than 7ft. i love my Kingfish, as i have surfed it for years. it may be time for a new one.

the Zippifish is Michael Zippi’s take on the fish, and to put it simply, the board is awesome! i surfed many different fishys before discovering the unique flow of the Zippifish. i started out with a 6’2″, and it felt great. it floated well, and i caught all the waves i paddled for. i then jumped on a 5’10”, and i didnt feel any loss of float or paddle…….but i did notice the improved handling of the board. finally, i surfed a 5’8″ and it blew my mind! it was like a magic little skateboard under my feet. ive talked to Zippi, as well as a few other Zippifish testers and riders, and we all agree that something magical seems to happen when you get to a 5’8″.

i am 5’7″, 190pds, and an intermediate to advanced surfer with 29 years surfing experience. ive never really been a short board potato chip surfer, so i am amazed i am able to surf a 5’8″ with ease.

the cool thing about the whole Zippifish deal is that you can call Zippi and talk to him directly.
he’s mellow, cool, and will let you take demo boards for a while to check it out and make your own decision. try that with any other local shaping guru.

of course theres more, but i would suggest giving Zippi a call. try one of the demo Zippifish……wadda ya have to lose?

hope this has been helpful. lemme know if i may answer any other questions.

Michael Zippi:



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KG big fish 1/8/08


my Larry Mabile Kane Garden twinzer/twin, 7’x21″x3″.
double concave towards the bottom.
i have it set up as a twinny with big cutaway twin keels.
it came with the traction pad on it.
i wouldve never put a traction pad on a board like this, but i have to admit, ive come to like it.

i bought this board off Craigslist for $375 about 4 years ago. it was set up as a twinzer, but it felt too much like a thruster to me. i took the front fins off, and the board flew! i love this board. its a big meaty twin that catches everything, and still is able to go vert when i feel like it. rails are kinda sharp, and it has some rocker to it. just an all around fun board. i took it out on a few over-head days and the board performed great. similar to my 7′ Kingfish.

yea, i know the wax is dirty. ill clean it up someday.
i havent surfed this board in over a year due to my Zippifish habit.
still, i think ill take it out soon.
its time.

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Christmas 12/25/07 surf

today i surfed bolsa on the 5’8″ Zippifish. knee to waist high, with some off shore winds.

Merry Christmas!

bolsa 12/14/07

i surfed bolsa today. first time ive paddled out in weeks. it was knee to waist high, and fun. i love my 5’8″ Zippifish.

bolsa 11/17/07

today i surfed bolsa around 12n. i dont normally paddle out on weekends, but i just wanted to surf the new 5’8″ Zippifish again. i surfed for about 2.5 hours. it was surprisingly empty, and the waves shaped up nicely around 1:30p at high tide. i love the new Zippifish. never thought id be riding a 5’8″. cant wait to paddle out in something overhead soon.

pray for surf…