Surfing and Bugs 7/25/14


back on the SR.

today i surfed the Spherical Revolver at Sano.
i had a gig at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, so i decided to catch a few waves before the gig.
it was hi tide and blown.
small little waves.
i hadn’t surfed the SR in a few weeks due to my recent Slick Rick experiment.
the Slick Rick is at the shapers getting some quad boxes put in.
im really going to experiment with Slick……….quads, speed dialers, twin keels, side bites, bonzer, etc.
i want to know how much is “hull”, “rails”, and “fins”.
i guess you gotta be a surfer to understand this experiment.

anyway, i caught 5 waves.
my wave count on the SR is 60 waves.


39 waves

i have not updated this blog in awhile, since i’ve been doing everything on Facebook.
haven’t we all?

but, i feel the desire to post this current project here.

today i surfed Sano.
excellent conditions, chest high, slight off shores.
im in the midst of a little surfing experiment.
how many waves do i catch on a surfboard, before i move on to another surfboard?

so far, this is the breakdown:

i surfed last Monday and caught 11 waves.
i surfed last Friday and caught 15 waves.
i surfed today and caught 13 waves.
my total of waves caught so far on my 6’8″ Zippifish Twin is 39 waves.

i was thinking of surfing 50 waves on this board, and then moving to another board in my quiver.
but, i now think 50 waves is not enough.
i don’t know how many waves to catch before i switch boards, but i feel it may more than 50.


i dunno.
time will tell.
i do all of this because i’ve recently realized i never spend too much time on one surfboard.
i tend to jump from one board to another, and maybe i would benefit from staying on one board for a longer period of time.
much like i did when i was 16 years old and only owned one surfboard.
i surfed much better then.

we will see.

more later…


30 day post project – 9/08

its about 3:30am on Saturday, September 6th, and im wide awake…

as i did earlier this year, i will commit to another “30 day post” starting today.

ive totally slacked with this blog, as ive been busy performing, traveling, goofin-off, etc. i feel its time for me to get back in the flow.

the rules for my “30 day post” arent that difficult…….i will simply post something each day for the next 30 days……whatever that may be.
it gets random, for sure.
but, there are days that i really “lean hard” on the blog and write whats really happening in my hollow mind.
so feel free to check back daily.

a few random thoughts from today:

ive become a very real nerd who plays with RC cars, boats, helicopters, planes, etc.
worked for a few hours replacing the front knuckle arm in my Tamiya Twin Detonator 4×4……wild Friday night for sure!

hung out at Bolsa Chica with Gabe.
it was blown out, so i didnt surf.
just chilled.
everyones back to school and work, so the beach is empty.
i love SoCal beaches this time of year.

ran the Twin Detonator and the Slash in the Signal Hill dirt……forgive me, but i think i like the Twin Detonator over the Emaxx. i just like the simplicity of it, and the fact that it only burns one battery for each run. for those of you who have any clue of what im talking about, feel free to leave a comment about this one.

discovered a new shop in Fullerton, called Gear Box Model Inc.
excellent shop with a friendly and super knowledgeable staff.
i’ll go back for sure.

had pho at a new restaurant in Cypress.

very happy to NOT be teaching at LBCC this semester……well, i am teaching one class….but its a big band jazz class, and its fun at times.

told you it would be random…

post #1 of the “30 day post project – 9/08 “.

bolsa 5/14/08

today i surfed bolsa chica on the GH Bonzer. thought id shoot a few random photos when i got home.

this is what my volvo looks like when i get home. surfboard, skateboards, stick bag, djembe, wetsuits, etc…

i luv this bonzer! ive read many reviews on how these boards dont do well unless theres some serious juice. i find this board to ride great in knee to waist hight surf. it was small today, but i got my turns in.

im almost out of school, and it feels good to surf all day again.
lots of changes around me.
people, attitudes, etc.
more on this stuff later.
for now, i just wanna surf…

Christmas 12/25/07 surf

today i surfed bolsa on the 5’8″ Zippifish. knee to waist high, with some off shore winds.

Merry Christmas!

bolsa 11/17/07

today i surfed bolsa around 12n. i dont normally paddle out on weekends, but i just wanted to surf the new 5’8″ Zippifish again. i surfed for about 2.5 hours. it was surprisingly empty, and the waves shaped up nicely around 1:30p at high tide. i love the new Zippifish. never thought id be riding a 5’8″. cant wait to paddle out in something overhead soon.

pray for surf…