5 more

i surfed Sano yesterday with Max.
it was super small, but we had a gig later at the Surf and Sand Resort so we paddled out anyway.
i caught 5 waves on the Slick Rick, which brings my total wave count to 150.

my right shoulder has been hurting lately.
i hope it’s a temporary injury.

hot bath now…


surf and sand resort

me and some hot island chick i met by the pool
gabe on kit
chris on bassim000368.jpg
a conga line
more dancing
and even more dancing

this is the first time ive taken photos at one of our performances. as you can tell, my little digital camera is a bit ruff around the edges, but i think it will do.
i intend to take a few photos at each of our shows. i trust my technique will improve over time. its tough to take photos from the band stand while performing! maybe ill try a little video some time in the near future?

tonight we performed for a poolside party at the surf and sand resort in laguna beach, california. we perform at the SnS often, and we always have a good time entertaining for different companies and organizations.
i believe we all had a good time…