Computer slave, random 7/22/14

rc day

ran cars all day.

ran the Tamiya Twin Detonator and the Slash at the park in San Pedro with Max. the Twin lost a screw, but i still had a nice long run. the Slash needs a new motor.

went to El Dorado Park later and met Gabe and the Heli-Crew.
ran the Twin again.

thats about it.
fun Sunday afternoon.

post #2 of the “30 day post project – 9/08 “.

queen yellow sun 9/1/07

queen yellow sun has been visiting me for a few days. i helped her create a new blog. check it out.

45 seconds with gia 7/16/07

gia stopped by today.

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60 seconds with Canon 7/9/07

60 seconds or so with Canon Carillo on 7/9/07.

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fish n surf


trevor and me fishing


glennis grilling our catch


trout on the grill


on the way home we stopped in santa barbara and surfed the point at ledbetter beach. 2′ to 4′ and howling off shore. surfed my 6’8″ zippifish quad. on my last wave in, i pulled out a little too late and caught some of the flat-rock bottom. kinda bummed me out cuz these speed dialer fins are close to $100 a set. the lockbox got damaged as well. guess ill be seeing the guys at the little house of repair next week…


first of all, Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!

yesterday, we performed for the Cameo Professional Auxiliary of Long Beach, “A Walk on the Wild Side”, at the Long Beach Convention Center. from what i understand, it is an annual fashion show/silent auction that raises money for the Long Beach Unified School District. there were about 1200 people in attendance. we played in the lobby as people arrived, and created a little mood music before the fashion show. below are some random photos of the event:



we often end up amongst the wild animals, playing our wild music.


lots of stuff up for auction.


gabe on kit.


i really get into it when i play.


chris. so true.

i spent today in chico.
tomorrow i go to arcata, which is in humboldt county.
more photos to follow…

bolsa 4/6/07

i surfed bolsa today. paddled out at 3pm and surfed till 4:30pm.
2’to 3’with light texture, good shape. fun! i surfed the 7’KG fish again.

i know i won’t be able to surf tomorrow, as i have a gig in the morning and then i am driving up to humboldt county afterwards……..more to follow over the next few days…

im gonna post each time i surf, just so i can have a record of my surfing life. i know its a bit boring to some, but thats my life. for me, surfing is one of the most important aspects of my life. it gives me clarity. it keeps my balanced. all i want to do is surf as much as i can…

cherry blossom festival

yesterday i attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo. lot’s to see and do…

many martial artists on hand, most notably Master Obata Toshishiro of the world famous Honbu Dojo. Shin Kendo is awesome to witness in person!

sumo. as you can see, members of the audience were invited to come up and take on a sumo warrior of choice. i think the guy in the red shirt won this match.

there was taiko

rappers from Japan, spittin mad fire…

traditional costumes…

even a Hawaiian Village with hula.

and of course, Shibori Girl!

oh yea, i think i ate Little Tokyo. i ate sushi, fish cakes, several different yakatori, fortune cookies, and some shaved ice.

fun stuff fo sho!

surf and sand resort

me and some hot island chick i met by the pool
gabe on kit
chris on bassim000368.jpg
a conga line
more dancing
and even more dancing

this is the first time ive taken photos at one of our performances. as you can tell, my little digital camera is a bit ruff around the edges, but i think it will do.
i intend to take a few photos at each of our shows. i trust my technique will improve over time. its tough to take photos from the band stand while performing! maybe ill try a little video some time in the near future?

tonight we performed for a poolside party at the surf and sand resort in laguna beach, california. we perform at the SnS often, and we always have a good time entertaining for different companies and organizations.
i believe we all had a good time…

st. patty’s day

for st. patty’s day i went to ports o call in san pedro and ate oysters with other fellow mexicanos. im traditional that way. note the green pants.


chillin with minnie at d-land



from cartoonist Adam Zyglis, Buffalo, NY, The Buffalo News.
visit Adam’s site by clicking here.

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a gift from Donnise.
sits in the garden, under the lemon tree, next to the turtle pond.
thank you Donnise.

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