First Annual Steel Parade New Year’s Eve Party Auction!

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First Annual Steel Parade New Year’s Eve Party Auction!

This is an idea I’ve had for years, so I will give it a go:

Steel Parade will perform on New Year’s Eve for the winner of this auction!

-Opening bid is only $300
-Performance time is for 3 hours
-Location with in 30 miles of Long Beach, CA….further areas will add nominal additional fuel fees.
-Post your bids below in comments
-Highest bid wins!
-Close of auction is Tuesday, December 30th, 8:00pm.

Go to my Facebook to place your bid.

This should be interesting.

Phil J. Carillo

Jingle Bells 12/8/14

yea, Jingle Bells.
it’s the holiday season, and we are busy doing our thing.
i have a lot of ideas for a whole new video project next year.
im thinking a video a week.
tunes that live in my head.
not really sure if anyone would ever read and watch and listen to my videos and songs.
but for me, it helps me in an odd way.
it helps me to simply express in the way i do.
my hope is for this music to somehow help others on occasion.
well, probably not.
for now, its Jingle Bells.

your feedback is appreciated.

Squirrel 7/26/14

Milo 7/23/14

Doggies! 7/17/14

a few more waves

surfed Bolsa.
caught 8 waves.

surfed Sano.
caught 5 waves.

my current wave count on the Fineline Hull is a 100 waves.
still having lots of fun on the board.
i don’t want to move to another board just yet.

hoping for more November surf sessions.

12 more at Sano

i surfed Sano last night.
chest high.
caught 12 waves.
still loving the Fineline Speed Egg.
my current wave count is 54.

now im in bed.
fever, chills, headache.

im missing the surf…