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First Annual Steel Parade New Year’s Eve Party Auction!

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First Annual Steel Parade New Year’s Eve Party Auction!

This is an idea I’ve had for years, so I will give it a go:

Steel Parade will perform on New Year’s Eve for the winner of this auction!

-Opening bid is only $300
-Performance time is for 3 hours
-Location with in 30 miles of Long Beach, CA….further areas will add nominal additional fuel fees.
-Post your bids below in comments
-Highest bid wins!
-Close of auction is Tuesday, December 30th, 8:00pm.

Go to my Facebook to place your bid.

This should be interesting.

Phil J. Carillo

Steel Pan Video Preview 12/2/14

we are on a video trip these days.
we are trying different cameras, angles, programs, etc.
in the early stages.
so here is a 30 second preview from tonight’s video shoot.

your feedback?


steel parade at hurricanes for st. patty’s day!

were at Hurricanes Bar and Grill for St. Patty’s Day.

here are a few photos from the past:

show up for some green beer fun!

Steel Parade performs 8:30p-12m

designate a driver!
you know HBPD.
out in force for sure.


my dad’s birthday 2007

mom’s birthday 8/16/07

our family 8/6/07

today we had a make-shift dinner at my brother’s house. his wife is out of town on business, so my mother and auntie came over to help him watch the kids.

our family is very big, so you never really know whos going to show up. today we had my mother, two aunties, my sister, my two nieces, my nephew, my glennis, my brother david, and me.

im not married, i dont have kids, a mortgage, a 9 to 5 job, etc.
what ive learned is that the rest of my family has all of this stuff, and what they dont have is time to put together little movies of their family and kids. thats where i come in……….hence the little video above.
no problem.
its a cool little gig.

feel free to leave a comment.