Clouds After The Rain 12/17/14

Sometimes some of the most beautiful view are just above us.

We havent had much rain, so these clouds look different than normal.

I like it.

Your thoughts on clouds?

VW Bus Goes To Old Speed 12/3/14

i drive Sandy Bus daily.
we have a good relationship.
we have had some VERY good times together.
she knows me well.
so when she breaks down, im cool with it.
she wouldnt start today, but she’s overdue a good tune up anyway.
off to Russell and the crew at Old Speed in Paramount, CA.
they keep Sandy running.

Rainbow 11/30/14

the truth is we have rainbows often in da LBC.
i imagine this is true just about anywhere in the world.
it was nice to catch this one during my walk around Signal Hill.


I live in a sail boat in the marina now.
Who knew?
More on that later…


Sunrise through the trees


Bolsa 9/12/14



Small today. But I caught my waves.
23 waves in 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Love this Borquez Malibu Special.


Hi tide. Surfed Borquez Malibu Special. Fun.