dooley pics 1/6/08

my brother david, brother mike, and me.
me and Stacey………i wonder whatever happened to her? she was cool.
someone put the black hat on my head, and i was too drunk to do anything about it. notice the long black tail coming from the side of my head. very stylish, dont you think?

these pics were sent to me from Stephanie Dooley, who now lives in Tennessee.
if i had to guess, these pics were taken at her house in Long Beach around 1989. alot of partying took place at this house. we’d go for sushi every day, jacuzzi partys at night, bands, etc. funny to me because i now live like a monk.

this is entry #2 of “the 30 day post project”.


i will post on this blog 30 days in a row! 1/5/08

it the new year, and its always a time of reflection and change. ive been wanting to do this idea for a while:

i will attempt to post each day for the next 30 days.

i know this is no small task. but, i think it will be an interesting exercise for me.
no two days in my life are ever the same. as a self employed musician, i find my days different and interesting. at the same time, i find myself yearning for any sort of routine or daily practice. this “30 day post exercise” will be a feeble attempt to see if i can do anything 30 days in a row. i know to some of you reading this blog, it may sound easy. for me, its a tuff one.

i dont have any particular guideline or rule in regards to these posts. ill just make it up as i go along. i trust some of it will be interesting, while i know some of it will be boring. whatever. i just want to do it and see how i feel about it when the 30 days is over.

im amazed to read my blog stats and see how many people visit each day. if youre reading this blog, i have one request:

leave me a comment.

thats it.
i know it takes a minute to do, but i welcome any and all comments.

for now, ill leave you with this photo:
this is my niece Ciel.
we hung out today, crawled around on the floor, and jumped on the couch with Canon and Gia. fun stuff!

my dad’s birthday 2007

mom’s birthday 8/16/07

our family 8/6/07

today we had a make-shift dinner at my brother’s house. his wife is out of town on business, so my mother and auntie came over to help him watch the kids.

our family is very big, so you never really know whos going to show up. today we had my mother, two aunties, my sister, my two nieces, my nephew, my glennis, my brother david, and me.

im not married, i dont have kids, a mortgage, a 9 to 5 job, etc.
what ive learned is that the rest of my family has all of this stuff, and what they dont have is time to put together little movies of their family and kids. thats where i come in……….hence the little video above.
no problem.
its a cool little gig.

feel free to leave a comment.

60 seconds with Canon 7/9/07

60 seconds or so with Canon Carillo on 7/9/07.

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bonzer, david, nonni, 6/13/07

bonzer on the rack

my brother david and nonni suque surfed with me today. dont remember the last time that happened…

today i surfed bolsa with the bonzer for the first time. i didnt think the board would do too well because the waves were small and crumbly.

i was wrong.
the board was awesome!
i was able to catch everything i paddled for. the board rode very differently than all the fishys ive been riding lately. kinda felt like the back end of the board was “lifting” out of the water. very smooth, fast, and fun! im lookin forward to the next swell and bigger waves. as for now, lets all pray for surf…