Deck The Halls!

Season’s Greetings to everyone who follows this strange little blog.
Much appreciated.

Lots of new stuff coming soon.


Bolsa, Bolsa, Sano.

this blog has evolved into a personal wave journal.
i like it.

i surfed Bolsa two weeks ago.
caught 12 waves.

i surfed Bolsa last week.
caught 12 more waves.

today i surfed Sano with Trevor
super crowded.
day after Christmas.
i caught 20 waves.

i still love my Fineline Hull Egg.
super fun.
super fast.
my current wave count on this board is 144.

ill be getting a Stoker V-Machine in a few weeks from Bruce Fowler.
i wonder how i will feel about leaving the Hull for a few waves?
good problem.

hoping to surf Sano again tomorrow…

no advertising

this holiday season, while im watching t.v., i keep the remote control in my hand to quickly mute all commercials. when i hear a commercial on the radio, i quickly turn it off. when im driving and i see a billboard, i turn away and keep my eyes on the road. when im on the internet, i quickly close any pop ups.

i do all of this because im sick of being bombarded with advertisements during the holiday season.

all of my practices seem to make a difference. its a challenge, but i believe i feel better for it all.

Happy Holidays!