canon sd800is 2/2/08

its time for me to attract a new point and shoot camera into my life.
these posts are boring with out photos, dont you think?

ive done a little research, and i am now attracting a canon sd800is.
has a wide angle base lense.
good reviews.

come to me sd800is, come to me!

this is post #24 of the “30 day post project”.


my dad’s birthday 2007

mom’s birthday 8/16/07

our family 8/6/07

today we had a make-shift dinner at my brother’s house. his wife is out of town on business, so my mother and auntie came over to help him watch the kids.

our family is very big, so you never really know whos going to show up. today we had my mother, two aunties, my sister, my two nieces, my nephew, my glennis, my brother david, and me.

im not married, i dont have kids, a mortgage, a 9 to 5 job, etc.
what ive learned is that the rest of my family has all of this stuff, and what they dont have is time to put together little movies of their family and kids. thats where i come in……….hence the little video above.
no problem.
its a cool little gig.

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60 seconds with Canon 7/9/07

60 seconds or so with Canon Carillo on 7/9/07.

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gia’s 3rd birthday!

gia’s birthday party!

the little birthday princess!

canon graced us with a song.

gia danced.

we sang happy birthday…

we ate some cake…

gia opened her presents with help from cousin canon.

gia rode the scooter she received from nino phil.

time is flying by!

canon and me

canon and me