Turtles And Me 12/14/14

Today I visited the San Diego Zoo.
I have a friend who works with the reptiles, so I was able to visit the turtles up close and personal.
New memories.
It’s good.
The turtles remind me that I’m just passing through.
We all are.
Why not be kind to each other?
Simply love one another.
Create good memories, then move on.
Such is the awareness of the turtles…

Golden State Tap Room 12/12/14

Just a random vid from the after recital party.
We ended up in this bar in Union Square.
Fun to celebrate with a group of very studied and talented music students from around the world.

Recital 12/11/14

This video was shot just moments before Trevor walked in and gave his recital for his Master’s Degree in Music at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
We were not allowed to shoot any vid during the performance.
Trevor performed so well, it was scary.
Overwhelming at times.
It’s been interesting to witness his development over the past 14 years.
I was happy to simply attend this concert, given the scare of a possible flight cancellation due to rain.
I made it.
Looks like Trevor is making it too.
Life is good.

Goodnight 12/10/14

This practice of The Daily Vid gets tricky sometimes.
There are some days that are so busy that I don’t think about shooting any vid until the em of the day.
This was one of those days.
Nevertheless, I see the perfection in it.
My thoughts at the end of the day as I project my tomorrow.
Like a journal. A diary.
I get it.



Today. View.

Life is good.


The view