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Sol 12/4/14

i’ve had a tough few months.
im usually light and flowing.
but ive learned a lot lately.
changed some of my views, values, practices.
pain can do this sometimes.
we move on.
Sol is part of my recovery.
he is pure energy.
i love him so very much.
it is difficult to express in words.
he reminds me how rare it is to find another person, young or not so young, who easily connects in that real and spiritual way.
when i was younger, i thought these sort of connections would happen many times.
they don’t.
in my life, it has been very rare.
and unfortunately, i have messed up some of those rare connections.
out of fear.
fear of something so good.  so great.
but im over it now.
i move on.
Sol reminds me of all of this new awareness.
he is always present.
he keeps me present.
i will not make the same mistakes i have made recently.
i will simply love this little boy, and be the best Uncle Phil i can be to him now and in the future.
i love him.
i love.