Turtles And Me 12/14/14

Today I visited the San Diego Zoo.
I have a friend who works with the reptiles, so I was able to visit the turtles up close and personal.
New memories.
It’s good.
The turtles remind me that I’m just passing through.
We all are.
Why not be kind to each other?
Simply love one another.
Create good memories, then move on.
Such is the awareness of the turtles…

Goodnight 12/10/14

This practice of The Daily Vid gets tricky sometimes.
There are some days that are so busy that I don’t think about shooting any vid until the em of the day.
This was one of those days.
Nevertheless, I see the perfection in it.
My thoughts at the end of the day as I project my tomorrow.
Like a journal. A diary.
I get it.

No Money For The Holidays

Not having a fun holiday season in regards to good cheer and family love.
My best holidays have been when I’m gone.
I can’t afford the holiday season this year.
Mom’s unexpected health care needs have depleted my funds quickly.
Oh well.

View From The Office 12/9/14

If there is one thing that has helped me to recover my balance over the past few months, it has been surfing.
It helps me to forget. To move on.
It helps me to regain my balance.
Surfing heals me.
My time spent in the ocean and in the sand is precious to me.
I can’t imagine my life with out surfing.
I’m grateful.

Jingle Bells 12/8/14

yea, Jingle Bells.
it’s the holiday season, and we are busy doing our thing.
i have a lot of ideas for a whole new video project next year.
im thinking a video a week.
tunes that live in my head.
not really sure if anyone would ever read and watch and listen to my videos and songs.
but for me, it helps me in an odd way.
it helps me to simply express in the way i do.
my hope is for this music to somehow help others on occasion.
well, probably not.
for now, its Jingle Bells.

your feedback is appreciated.

Halloween 2014

Meh 10/30/14

Whiney 10/29/14

Whiplash 10/27/14

Lesson learned

Expect ingratitude