Selling Titan

I surfed the Titan once again caught 15 more waves.
I got the board dialed in.
Rides fine, but I’m going to sell it.
I was looking for a groveler and this board needs a wave about waist high for me to feel it.
Maybe if I weighed 120 pounds it would work better for me.

Pick up in Long Beach







Sucked again

I don’t usually surf on the weekends, but I’m trying to get this board dialed in. Also, the swell finally came in. When I got to Bolsa Chica it was head high and closing out. I surfed little knee-high waves over at Seal Beach instead. Once again I sucked. I caught 10 more waves today, and I struggled with almost all of them. My total wave count on this board is 29 waves. I’m just having a hard time trimming out the board. Paddling. Once again, I’m going to surf at least 100 waves before I make any judgments.


5 more

Surfed Sano on the Titan. Finally had waves after a week of knee high surf. I struggled. Out of shape. Got noodle arms quickly. I sucked. So im going again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. The way i see it, i have to paddle my ass off with this new short board. Im also starting a push up, pop up, burpy regimen each day. Gotta build up my upper body strength again.

Caught 5 waves. My wave total on the Titan is 19 waves, and im nowhere near feeling comfortable on this board. I will surf a minimum of 100 waves before i judge anything.

Hate it when i suck.



Surfed the red Zippifish twice, surfed 28 waves, sold it.

Sold the Album Dark Bonzer.

Got a 5’11” x 21″ x 3″ Titan from Evolved. There hasnt been any waves but i did surf one small session and surfed 14 waves.