Sano n steaks

surfed Sano today.
it was bigger and better than yesterday.
Trev and i surfed in front of the power plant.
i caught 5 more long waves on the Banana, and my current wave count on this board is 74.

here is a another random vid from today. we ate steaks on the new BBQ when we got home.

its been awhile


haven’t been out in over a month.

busy performing, got sick, then got depressed and didn’t feel like surfing for awhile.  it’s a long story, so i’ll keep it to myself.

surfed with Trevor and Max.  we checked out Sano first but it was blown.  surfed Doheny and it was small, but fun shape.

i surfed the Harbour Banana and caught 11 waves.

my current wave count on this board is 69………it’s a magic number.

here’s a random 10 second vid i shot from today with my iphone: