new Malibu Special

i was cruising Craigslist and i bought a Bojorquez Malibu Special for only $160!

crazy, huh?

its 7’4″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 3/4″.

another hull in the quiver.

i surfed it at Sano in some bumpy crowded surf and caught 12 waves.

it was a bit difficult.

board is underwater when i sit on it.

im still able to paddle pretty easily on it, but it paddles more like a shortboard than a longboard.

when i was up and riding, it was pure hull fun!

its got an 8″ flex fin on it, and for this first session the fin was pushed all the way up.

the next day i surfed blown out Bolsa and pushed the fin all the way back.

the waves sucked.

Bolsa sucks most of the time.  such a fickle break.  i have to duck dive a hundred times to catch one crumbly wave.  frustrating.  i caught 3 waves.  thats all. and although i will ride this board for another 100 waves, i could tell it struggled in beach break.  well, i guess i struggled in the beach break.  i like the challenge, and ive learned not to judge too much with this hulls in the beginning.  each board takes a while to really get wired.

waves are almost non existent now, and the next week doesnt look too promising.

my current wave count is a mere 15 waves.

im gonna ride this thing for at least 100 waves before i do anything else with it.

its fun when im riding a wave.

its a bitch when im doing everything else.

photos and more later…


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