Sano with Liddle

i had no intention of buying a new board, but this board popped up on Craigslist and i bought it for only $30!

Greg Liddle
7’2″ x 20 3/4″ x 3 1/16″
big, fat, and funky.

i surfed it at Sano today and caught everything.
paddled so easily, it kinda freaked me out.
i caught 15 waves today.
it was kinda small, but the board surfed well.

still processing.

more feedback soon…


Surfed Sano.
Small but fun.
Caught 8 waves.
Total wave count on the Fineline Hull is 165.


More waves and other stuff

Havent updated in awhile. I surfed Sano last month and hurt my lower back. I caught 6 waves that day.

Here I am a month later and I finally paddled out again yesterday. My back feels fine and I caught seven waves at Sano. My current wave count on the Fineline hull is 157 waves.

I’m leaving to Sano now to catch more waves as there is a Northwest building. Cool.

Also this is the first time it using the iPhone WordPress app Seems to work fine.