side bites and quads on Slick Rick

ok, ive surfed a few times since my last post.

i surfed 35 waves at Bolsa. it was small, but fun. surfed the Slick Rick with two side bites. worked great! still loose and fast.

two days later i surfed 13 waves at Sano with a quad set up. it was small, but i could feel the difference with the quads. a bit slower, but still fast and loose.

13 more waves the next day at Bolsa. waves finally picked up. it was kinda walled, but i got my turns in. im liking the quads. i think ill stick with this set up for awhile.

my total wave count on the Slick Rick is 91 waves.
i think ill go at least another 50 waves before i change anything up.

this is fun!

back on the SR.

today i surfed the Spherical Revolver at Sano.
i had a gig at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, so i decided to catch a few waves before the gig.
it was hi tide and blown.
small little waves.
i hadn’t surfed the SR in a few weeks due to my recent Slick Rick experiment.
the Slick Rick is at the shapers getting some quad boxes put in.
im really going to experiment with Slick……….quads, speed dialers, twin keels, side bites, bonzer, etc.
i want to know how much is “hull”, “rails”, and “fins”.
i guess you gotta be a surfer to understand this experiment.

anyway, i caught 5 waves.
my wave count on the SR is 60 waves.


Sano with Slick Rick

i surfed Slick Rick today with the fin pushed all the way back.
big difference!
although the waves we’re small, i could immediately feel the difference in drive and hold by pushing the fin all the way back.
i like it.
surfed trail 6 at evening glass.
small, but fun.
caught 12 waves.
my total wave count is 30.
this board is so fast and lets me make sections with ease.