and now a Zamora Slick Rick Hull…

i surfed the SR last week again with Max and Trevor at Sano and only caught 5 waves cuz it was pretty blown.

i surfed the SR again yesterday with Trevor at Sano and it was fun. way more people in the water because school is out. managed to catch 13 waves.
my current wave count on the SR is 73 waves.

today i traded my Joel Tudor Good Karma for a Zamora Hull Single Fin, 6’6″x22 3/8″x3″, 7.5″ Greenough fin.

not sure what im going to surf next.
i want to get to 100 waves on the SR before i switch it up.
also, the Zamora doesn’t have a leash plug.
yea, i know…’s a retro thing, and i should just hold on to the board, blah blah blah…
but i don’t really care. i’ve surfed boards with out leashes, and it’s fine with a longboard.
i just prefer a leash with a board under 7ft.

dunno if i’ll wake up and surf it.
i’ll just live in the moment…


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