im going to write these thoughts, as they are still fresh in my mind.

things often suck.
today i was reminded of how much nobody from the new generation wants to learn anything, knows how to learn anything, and is honest enough to admit when they suck.
i guess it’s a new generation musician thing, but im old enough to remember when musicians were actually good.
it’s all about image now.
can i really blame them?

i think this video expresses my feelings perfectly:

guess im just a little tired of playing music with people who don’t actually read music.
we had such a great little thing going, but another player was thrown in and now it sucks.

i feel the The Universe is pushing me in a new direction.
out of the gutter mindset.
i will listen and follow.

i guess that’s it for now.

hooray for everything!

SR on 4/4/11

i surfed Sano today on the Spherical Revolver.
it was small and kinda blown, but i paddled out anyway.
caught 6 waves.

my wave count on the SR is now 17 waves.
more to come…