another new surfboard- Joel Tudor “Good Karma”

new board.

Joel Tudor “Good Karma” shaped by Stu Kenson.

7′ 10″ x 22″ x 3″
single fin

bought this board a month ago off a dude in San Diego via Craigslist for $300 with bag and leash.
been in and out of town, waves have been wonky, and haven’t had a chance to surf it till this past week.

surfed Sano two days ago and it was really blown, but i paddled out any way and caught 4 waves.

surfed Bolsa the next day, small but fun.
i caught 7 waves.
later that day i surfed Sano again, and caught 9 waves.

so far i love the board.
way smaller than a traditional longboard, but way bigger than a fish or shortboard.
it’s smooth.
single fin action at its best.
my current wave count total is 20.
im still dialing it in, and won’t judge it till i get 50 waves under my belt.

photo to come soon.

just posting here while the numbers are still fresh in my mind.

hope to surf Sano tomorrow.



4 Responses to “another new surfboard- Joel Tudor “Good Karma””

  1. ianjermyn Says:

    Hey there, stumbled across this as I was searching for details on a new board I picked up. Few details on it. 7’8 and a serial number I guess but that’s it. It’s a pin-tailed single fin. Have you any pictures of your board? I got this from someone who knew nothing about it. You reckon the shaper was Stu Kenson huh?

  2. steelparade Says:

    i traded the board a few years ago. what board do you have? shaper?

    • ianjermyn Says:

      These are good questions!
      I just bought this thing in Dublin, Ireland. The lass who owned it is in transit somewhere in South America. I was told by a friend who had ridden the board a year or more ago that it was a ‘Karma’ model. Online I see that this may be synonymous with ‘Good Karma’. The board I have is 7’8 whereas many of the other Karma/Good Karma models I’ve searched for online seem to sit around the 6’0 mark. The decals appearing on the board are the same as those appearing here:

      The logo on the deck is the triangular decal and the decal on the bottom is just the text, “Surfboards by Joel Tudor”.

      I’m unsure what it is! A bit of scouting about reveals a few shapers who might have done the board – possibly Stu Kenson. I’d like to know more about where the board came from so I’m chasing links to folk who may have had something similar and be able to share some details! If you can it would be great.

      Cheers Phil.

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