spherical revolver

i have an addiction i guess.

since my last post i bought a Spherical Revolver from Craigslist.
8’2″ x 22 5/8″ x 3 1/16″

caught 11 waves today at Sano.
super fun board to ride.

will get back to my Good Karma and compare the two boards, and probably sell one of them.

that is all for now.

no more surfboard purchases for awhile.

another new surfboard- Joel Tudor “Good Karma”

new board.

Joel Tudor “Good Karma” shaped by Stu Kenson.

7′ 10″ x 22″ x 3″
single fin

bought this board a month ago off a dude in San Diego via Craigslist for $300 with bag and leash.
been in and out of town, waves have been wonky, and haven’t had a chance to surf it till this past week.

surfed Sano two days ago and it was really blown, but i paddled out any way and caught 4 waves.

surfed Bolsa the next day, small but fun.
i caught 7 waves.
later that day i surfed Sano again, and caught 9 waves.

so far i love the board.
way smaller than a traditional longboard, but way bigger than a fish or shortboard.
it’s smooth.
single fin action at its best.
my current wave count total is 20.
im still dialing it in, and won’t judge it till i get 50 waves under my belt.

photo to come soon.

just posting here while the numbers are still fresh in my mind.

hope to surf Sano tomorrow.