Facebook 3/9/09.


its pretty obvious that i have not been posting to this blog.
the truth is that Facebook has taken over this part of my blogging life.

i really learned to hate Myspace, so i was very skeptical about the whole Facebook thing.
but, Facebook has proven to be much better than Myspace……..less annoying advertisements, pages that actually work and load quickly, people and “friends” that are real people and not some fake persona.

so, im not exactly sure about the future of this blog.
i wont rush to judgement.
but, i will offer these links:

my Phil Carillo Facebook Page.

please feel free to add me as a friend, maybe with a brief description if you are coming from this blog.

the Steel Parade Facebook Fan Page.

this site is really fun for me, as i can update quickly from my BlackBerry.
once again, i invite you to become “a fan”.

i guess thats it for now.

feel free to leave a comment……but id really like to meet you on Facebook.