no advertising

this holiday season, while im watching t.v., i keep the remote control in my hand to quickly mute all commercials. when i hear a commercial on the radio, i quickly turn it off. when im driving and i see a billboard, i turn away and keep my eyes on the road. when im on the internet, i quickly close any pop ups.

i do all of this because im sick of being bombarded with advertisements during the holiday season.

all of my practices seem to make a difference. its a challenge, but i believe i feel better for it all.

Happy Holidays!


One Response to “no advertising”

  1. girlslashwoman Says:

    There’s two types of ads that are driving me crazy this season:
    1. Weight loss ads. Herbal Magic. Jenny Craig. Anything. They started in November just to let us know that we would be gaining weight this season. Yep, that’s it. You’re getting fat. There is no getting away from it. It is going to happen.
    2. Toy ads. Now they don’t just make you want to tear your hair out on the cartoon channels, they are going to follow you around and announce on A&E (in screechy voices) how nice it would be to have a doll that oh my god poops!

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