comment from “a drummer”

benobriensmith Says:

Maybe you guys should start forcing them to read music. They’ll go much further in the world of music if they have those skills. It seems sad that you don’t require it. Most colleges won’t accept them if they don’t have any reading skills.

steelparade Says:

believe me, i know. as a full-time musician of almost 20 years, i know the value of reading music. it amazes me that this is allowed to happen at a college in SoCal…… any college! apparently, the directors are so terrified of not having enough students in each class, they allow the drummers to run amuck as long as they are registered for the class.

this is the current state of the union at LBCC.
ive tried, but nobody really cares but me.

thank you for your comment.
sometimes i feel like im all alone with this issue.


post #4 of the “30 day post project – 9/08 “.


One Response to “comment from “a drummer””

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    3 words:
    sight reading audition

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