a drummer

i teach at a jr. college that forces everyone to read music……except the drummers and percussionists.
its ok for them to remain ignorant.

what do you call a person who hangs out with musicians?

post #3 of the “30 day post project – 9/08 “.


5 Responses to “a drummer”

  1. benobriensmith Says:

    Maybe you guys should start forcing them to read music. They’ll go much further in the world of music if they have those skills. It seems sad that you don’t require it. Most colleges won’t accept them if they don’t have any reading skills.

  2. steelparade Says:

    believe me, i know. as a full-time musician of almost 20 years, i know the value of reading music. it amazes me that this is allowed to happen at a college in SoCal……..at any college! apparently, the directors are so terrified of not having enough students in each class, they allow the drummers to run amuck as long as they are registered for the class.

    this is the current state of the union at LBCC.
    ive tried, but nobody really cares but me.

    thank you for your comment.
    sometimes i feel like im all alone with this issue.


  3. Kylene Says:

    Thanks for writing this.

  4. James Roach Says:

    Hey Phil, I absolutely agree. This is definitely on the top 10 reasons that I stopped playing there. The quality of musicians is so inconsistent. You’ll have these amazing players grouped with people who just don’t care about the music. I know Wayne is hurting for students a lot of the time, which is a shame as I loved his classes. I think its a sign of the times that you just can’t get young people to give a damn about their craft.

  5. steelparade Says:

    hey James,

    the pity with this situation is that everything is there to make that department extraordinary! with just a little push, that department could become known nationally. but, there is no support for “real musicians”…….at least, none that ive seen. rather, the completely destructive students are allowed to inflict their ignorance on any student that is truly trying to learn……..and all because they need numbers.
    always with the damn numbers of people enrolled in the class.

    i guess its the system to blame, but i dont see much done by any of the instructors or administration.

    its real easy.
    audition drummers.
    no read, no play.
    if they learn to read by taking the classes which will teach them to do so, then they can move on.
    right now we have 3 drummers in the big band, and only 1 reads music……..and barely!
    its ridiculous, and a complete disregard to the art of big band, jazz, and the art of music in general.

    but, thats why we have these little blogs.
    to express.

    if i didnt care so much, i wouldnt say anything.

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