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“Hey Phil,

Love your site! I have a surfing question for you – I’ve ridden a 6′8″ Kingfish for years and loved it, but it got stolen recently. I was either going to get another Kingfish – or maybe a Zippi. Can you tell me the differences between the two boards? Might I be able to go shorter with the Zippi, say maybe 6′6″? I’m a middle-aged, very average surfer, about 5′8″, 140 pounds. Would love to hear your thoughts!


~Hey Kenneth,

thanx for the kind words.

the Kingfish and the Zippifish are two different boards. the Kingfish is a very cool “long-shortboard” that has the glide and ease of a longboard, with the ability to crank some speed and go vert when needed. Gumby (Pat Ryan) developed the Kingfish with the idea that the board would not be shorter than 7ft. i love my Kingfish, as i have surfed it for years. it may be time for a new one.

the Zippifish is Michael Zippi’s take on the fish, and to put it simply, the board is awesome! i surfed many different fishys before discovering the unique flow of the Zippifish. i started out with a 6’2″, and it felt great. it floated well, and i caught all the waves i paddled for. i then jumped on a 5’10”, and i didnt feel any loss of float or paddle…….but i did notice the improved handling of the board. finally, i surfed a 5’8″ and it blew my mind! it was like a magic little skateboard under my feet. ive talked to Zippi, as well as a few other Zippifish testers and riders, and we all agree that something magical seems to happen when you get to a 5’8″.

i am 5’7″, 190pds, and an intermediate to advanced surfer with 29 years surfing experience. ive never really been a short board potato chip surfer, so i am amazed i am able to surf a 5’8″ with ease.

the cool thing about the whole Zippifish deal is that you can call Zippi and talk to him directly.
he’s mellow, cool, and will let you take demo boards for a while to check it out and make your own decision. try that with any other local shaping guru.

of course theres more, but i would suggest giving Zippi a call. try one of the demo Zippifish……wadda ya have to lose?

hope this has been helpful. lemme know if i may answer any other questions.

Michael Zippi:



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a breath of fresh air

every so often, someone comes along and speaks absolute truth.

i dont know John Montich, but i will.
to offer respect and support for speaking so clearly in regards to the so-called “arts” in my wonderful city of Long Beach, CA.

if i didnt love this city, i wouldnt care…

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im in a strange sleep pattern these days.
i go to sleep about 4am, and wake up around 11am.
i usually take a nap sometime between 4pm-8pm.

as the days get shorter with daylight, i intend to shift this pattern and wake up earlier.
just dunno if ill go to sleep earlier.

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mini baja

i bought this Losi Mini Baja Bug today. so far ive ran it twice, and it was super fun. fast…..for its little size. looking forward to putting it through the courses tomorrow.

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comment from “a drummer”

benobriensmith Says:

Maybe you guys should start forcing them to read music. They’ll go much further in the world of music if they have those skills. It seems sad that you don’t require it. Most colleges won’t accept them if they don’t have any reading skills.

steelparade Says:

believe me, i know. as a full-time musician of almost 20 years, i know the value of reading music. it amazes me that this is allowed to happen at a college in SoCal…… any college! apparently, the directors are so terrified of not having enough students in each class, they allow the drummers to run amuck as long as they are registered for the class.

this is the current state of the union at LBCC.
ive tried, but nobody really cares but me.

thank you for your comment.
sometimes i feel like im all alone with this issue.


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a drummer

i teach at a jr. college that forces everyone to read music……except the drummers and percussionists.
its ok for them to remain ignorant.

what do you call a person who hangs out with musicians?

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rc day

ran cars all day.

ran the Tamiya Twin Detonator and the Slash at the park in San Pedro with Max. the Twin lost a screw, but i still had a nice long run. the Slash needs a new motor.

went to El Dorado Park later and met Gabe and the Heli-Crew.
ran the Twin again.

thats about it.
fun Sunday afternoon.

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30 day post project – 9/08

its about 3:30am on Saturday, September 6th, and im wide awake…

as i did earlier this year, i will commit to another “30 day post” starting today.

ive totally slacked with this blog, as ive been busy performing, traveling, goofin-off, etc. i feel its time for me to get back in the flow.

the rules for my “30 day post” arent that difficult…….i will simply post something each day for the next 30 days……whatever that may be.
it gets random, for sure.
but, there are days that i really “lean hard” on the blog and write whats really happening in my hollow mind.
so feel free to check back daily.

a few random thoughts from today:

ive become a very real nerd who plays with RC cars, boats, helicopters, planes, etc.
worked for a few hours replacing the front knuckle arm in my Tamiya Twin Detonator 4×4……wild Friday night for sure!

hung out at Bolsa Chica with Gabe.
it was blown out, so i didnt surf.
just chilled.
everyones back to school and work, so the beach is empty.
i love SoCal beaches this time of year.

ran the Twin Detonator and the Slash in the Signal Hill dirt……forgive me, but i think i like the Twin Detonator over the Emaxx. i just like the simplicity of it, and the fact that it only burns one battery for each run. for those of you who have any clue of what im talking about, feel free to leave a comment about this one.

discovered a new shop in Fullerton, called Gear Box Model Inc.
excellent shop with a friendly and super knowledgeable staff.
i’ll go back for sure.

had pho at a new restaurant in Cypress.

very happy to NOT be teaching at LBCC this semester……well, i am teaching one class….but its a big band jazz class, and its fun at times.

told you it would be random…

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