my thoughts on the NBA:

not too long ago, it was a great game.
money now rules the game.

its fixed.
ive known it for awhile, but now ive just accepted it.
game 2 of the current championship series was so blatantly obvious, i turned the TV off before the first quarter was over.
i havent watched any of the NBA since then.
in my mind, its over.
the integrity is gone.

David Stern is an idiot.
just listen to him talk.
hes just a puppet.
a mouth piece.
its not his fault.
hes just a tool.

i didnt watch any of game 3.
no desire to watch game 4 tomorrow.
no interest.
but i knew the Lakers would win game 3.
its part of the script.
rather than list all of the lopsided foul stats, look em up yourself.
make your own decision.

google the name Tim Donaghy for more insight.
everyone is rushing to discredit him.
as i see it, he has nothing to lose.
so, hes telling the truth.

its funny to see how everyone does not want to believe it.
its too much.
too much reality.

im not trying to change anyones mind.
go ahead and watch the NBA.
i dont care.
i really dont.
its amazing how much i dont care anymore.
i used to create my schedule around playoff games.
now i dont even care to watch at all.

its all fixed to me.
made for entertainment first, competitive sports second.
integrity is done.
thats ok.
i feel fortunate to be old enough to remember when the TV didnt rule every aspect of western life.
wasnt that long ago.
thank you Magic, Bird, Kareem, for all of those memories.
sweeter with time.

enjoy the rest of the series.
dont let me rain on your parade.
dont let Tim Donaghy bother you.
its all entertainment anyway.

and the war is a just war.
and there were lots of WMDs.
and osama lives in iraq.
and the trade center buildings fell down because of the fires caused by the planes.
and bush is looking out for our very best interest.
so is cheney.
and david stern is a genius who is telling us the truth.

believe it all.