leap year surf 2/29/08

today i checked out bolsa, and there were waves…..but i wasnt feelin it. it was kinda walled and bumpy. i decided to go home and i passed by seal not thinking i was going to see anything worthwhile. i was wrong.
it was 1 to 3ft, with fun shape. i paddled out about 50 yards north of the pier, and surfed a break by myself for 2 hours. i thought for sure the dudes ripping the pier were going to paddle over once they saw the long rights i was getting, but they didnt.
it was one of those sessions that doesnt happen too often. nice waves, in the middle of the day, and a break all to myself.
i rode the 6’6″ zippifish quad. super fun, super fast! love this board.
i think this is the best quiver ive had in a long time, as im going to abandon my zippifish quad for the next few sessions and take out the 6’6″GH bonzer. i havent surfed that board in a while, and ive forgotten the feeling.

more later…


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