ibook 1/14/08

today my faithful little ibook decided to crash. the guy at mac fusion ran a quick test and told me he thinks its the logic board. i wont know for a few days, but it looks like ill be with out my ibook for a week……..possibly a few weeks!

i hope i dont lose all of my info. yes, i did back up about 6 weeks ago, but there are quite a few things that still may be lost. i hope not.

over the past few hours, ive learned a few things:

i need to back up my schedule.
if i had an iphone, most of my info would still be with me.
i will back up my iphoto files as well.

i have a feeling these posts will become tougher to post as the days go on.

if youre reading this post, please send me an email. chances are, i dont have your email address saved on my external. my email is:


hoping for the best…

this is entry #10 of the “30 day post project”.


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