KG big fish 1/8/08


my Larry Mabile Kane Garden twinzer/twin, 7’x21″x3″.
double concave towards the bottom.
i have it set up as a twinny with big cutaway twin keels.
it came with the traction pad on it.
i wouldve never put a traction pad on a board like this, but i have to admit, ive come to like it.

i bought this board off Craigslist for $375 about 4 years ago. it was set up as a twinzer, but it felt too much like a thruster to me. i took the front fins off, and the board flew! i love this board. its a big meaty twin that catches everything, and still is able to go vert when i feel like it. rails are kinda sharp, and it has some rocker to it. just an all around fun board. i took it out on a few over-head days and the board performed great. similar to my 7′ Kingfish.

yea, i know the wax is dirty. ill clean it up someday.
i havent surfed this board in over a year due to my Zippifish habit.
still, i think ill take it out soon.
its time.

this is entry #4 of the “30 day post project”.


4 Responses to “KG big fish 1/8/08”

  1. Larry Mabile Says:

    I ride my twinzer boards as a twin fin most of the time also………

  2. Walter Says:

    Nice board!
    Whats your weight?

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