delay, Denis Anya, jazz 1/30/08

i was told i would get my ibook yesterday, but there seems to be a delay.
for now, im dealing with it.
what else can i do?

last nights coffee shop performance was a blast!
you’ll be hearing more about Denise Anya soon.
great voice, great energy, great performer.

school is coming along.
lots of jazz.
small jazz ensembles.
large vocal jazz ensembles.
small vocal jass groups.
big band.
youll be hearing more about these groups as well.

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im performing tonight 1/29/08

just a reminder…

were at cup of jo in long beach, ca.

4158 norse way
long beach, 90808



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jazz, cup of jo, tuesday night 1/28/08

a few of us are having an open rehearsal tomorrow night.

jazz standards, sung by the wonderful Denise Anya.

Tuesday, January 29th
Cup of Jo
(562) 421-2675
4158 Norse Way, Long Beach, CA 90808

we’re rehearsing at this fine coffee shop every so often.
if you have nothing better to do, come by and check it out.

Gabe De La Parra on drums
Phil Carillo on percussion and vocals
Joe Perry on bass
Dan the one handed piano man
Denise Anya on vocals

very casual vibe.
were just gonna make it up as we go.


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ballet, thai, and rain 1/27/08

today i…

attended a production of “The Snow Queen” at the Downey Civic Theater.

had dinner at Tiny Thai.

watched the rain fall from the clouds.

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late post 1/26/08


it looks like ive gone a few days with out posting.
ive been busy.

no laptop yet.
school started, and i have a new “beginning jazz band” class to teach this semester….in addition to the classes i already assist.

its all for the good.
grateful to be of service.

i guess ill just keep posting until i reach 30 posts. so, it looks like the “30 day post project” will take 30+ days to accomplish.
life is all about being flexible, isnt it?


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moving 1/21/08

im moving across town.

half of my stuff moved today.
more tomorrow.
hopefully i’ll be completely moved into my new place by Wednesday.

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namm 1/20/08

today i went to the namm show.

i was pretty nammed out in about 3 hours.
there were a few cool things i saw…

a really cool bass drum foot pedal from drumnetics that has a magnet mechanism instead of a spring.
a latin percussion sloped faced cajon for a better striking angle.
the $5000 tenor steel drum from panyard percussion. never met Ron in person. nice guy.

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