houston 10/31/07

happy halloween!

in houston, texas.

more to come..

bolsa 10/23/07

today i surfed bolsa.

it was perfect.
not good.

everything was better than yesterday. the offshore were still howling, but not completely out of control. the waves dropped about a foot, and it was about chest to head high. perfect “A” frames with nice little barrels. i havent surfed waves this good in a long time.

it looks like the swell is dropping, and the winds shifted onshore this evening. not so good for surfing, but good news for all the areas burning in SoCal.

i surfed the 6’6″ Zippifish Quad. excellent board that caught every wave and stayed nice and deep in the pocket.

gonna check it out tomorrow.

socal is burning 10/22/07

it was one of those days.

socal is burning.

i hung out all day at the beach, and didnt paddle out. i checked out seal, bolsa, HB. there were waves, but the conditions were a bit much. offshores going crazy. saw lots of people getting launched and pounded all day. i hope it shapes up a little better tomorrow. kind of frustrating to watch. close. very close. more tomorrow…

bolsa 8/19/07

finally surfed today! i havent paddled out in over two weeks. felt good to get my gills wet again.

i surfed bolsa, on the 7’x21″x3″ twin fin diamond tail corky carroll. i havent surfed this board in over a year. it took a few waves to figure it out again. basically the board is a longboard thats been chopped off at the top and at the bottom, with two really big twin fins attached. the board is totally fun! it was glassy and waist high, and lots of people out. i guess friday is a day off for a lot of people. i may paddle out tomorrow, but its saturday……i dont normally surf the weekends. we’ll see. they say the santa anas might start blowing any day now. they say that a lot, and the predictions are almost always incorrect. still, it got pretty hot today in the LBC….85 degrees in october. ill take it.

all i want to do is surf…

nails 10/15/07


Yumina is in Studio Singers with me. she’s always stylish, sings like an angel, and as you can see……..has great nails! she’s all good…

life 10/14/07

right now i feel overwhelmed by life.

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im performing this Sunday, October 14th, 2007, 2p-3:30p

me sing jazz.
me play drums in jazz band too.
see below:

Hello Friends!

The Scholarship Concert Sunday, October 14th, 2007
Long Beach City College Auditorium (corner of Clark and Harvey Way)

$10 General Admission
$25 Family Ticket (admits up to 4)


The Studio Singers, Tom Dustman, Director
Viking Chorale, Skye Angulo, Director
Chamber Orchestra, Marshall Fulbright, Conductor
Wind Ensemble, Brian Hamilton, Conductor
City Jazz Big Band, Wayne Brashear, Director

“All the proceeds of this concert go to music scholarships”

For more information, please visit us at:



Presented by the Long Beach City College Department of Music, Radio & Television and Associated Students

Please repost this email to everyone in the world!