time off 9/30/07


im still busy……..but things really slow down for me in october. it’s a balance between “enjoying the time off” vs. “making ends meet”. always a juggling act.

if you would like to see what ive been doing recently, click here.

as silly as this may sound, i intend to post a few times a week through the end of the year. i have quite a few projects that i intend to accomplish during this slightly slower period. these things are:

~clear out my garage. maybe a garage sale? give away what i can, sell the other stuff on craigslist.

~remodel my bedroom.

~finish recording my new CD. its only a few years over-due.

~thin out my surfboard quiver. i believe its at 14 surfboards, and i could sell a few to make room for a few more.

surf more.
walk the hill each day/night.
more movies.

…and a bunch of other little things that dont get done. im sure you can relate.

ill keep you posted.


words 9/23/07

i havent had a chance to post anything on this blog recently. ive been busy. here are a few key words that describe my life over the past few weeks:

big band
steel pan
signal hill

all i really want to do is to continue having quality conversations. one on one. honest and real sharing. thats it for now.

bolsa 9/14/07

i surfed bolsa again with Gabe and Joe. i wore a wetsuit today, and it was a much better session. i rode the GH bonzer, Gabe rode the Laker Board if Death, and Joe rode the 9ft Stewart. we all caught little waves, watched the dolphins surf as well, and had a good time on a typical Fall afternoon in SoCal.

bolsa 9/13/07

surfed bolsa with the GH bonzer today. small, but fun. havent been out in a few weeks. i trunked it…….big mistake! i got out after an hour because i my feet started to get numb. nice day at the beach with all the summer crowds gone for a few months. yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

my dad’s birthday 2007

queen yellow sun 9/1/07

queen yellow sun has been visiting me for a few days. i helped her create a new blog. check it out.