bonzer, zippi, commuted 7/2/07

we finally had some waves today. yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i surfed bolsa on the shelter bonzer first, and then the zippifish for a second session. it was 1′ to 3′, and kinda bumpy. whatever! im just grateful for any waves at this point.

also, if im ever convicted of a crime such as treason or the obstruction of truth, i would like to be commuted. what a great president, administration, law system we have in this country! truly unbelievable!

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2 Responses to “bonzer, zippi, commuted 7/2/07”

  1. graham Says:

    hey Phil,

    How are you? Going Up To El Segundo Saturday for the premier of One California Day?

  2. phil Says:

    no, ive got a gig that night. lemme know how it goes…

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