bonzer, david, nonni, 6/13/07

bonzer on the rack

my brother david and nonni suque surfed with me today. dont remember the last time that happened…

today i surfed bolsa with the bonzer for the first time. i didnt think the board would do too well because the waves were small and crumbly.

i was wrong.
the board was awesome!
i was able to catch everything i paddled for. the board rode very differently than all the fishys ive been riding lately. kinda felt like the back end of the board was “lifting” out of the water. very smooth, fast, and fun! im lookin forward to the next swell and bigger waves. as for now, lets all pray for surf…


One Response to “bonzer, david, nonni, 6/13/07”

  1. Carrie Glavin (Stack) Says:

    Is that nathan and David? Your blog is the awsomeist (it that a word?) Is still think of you putting me in front on Rush records and YES and having me listen. Everytime I hear them I think of you. Then I turn them off…i am a Guns n Roses kinda’ girl! How have you been?

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