my neck

i didnt go surfing today.

i didnt mention it in my post yesterday, but i kooked out and hurt my neck. on one of my final waves, i was experimenting with my back foot in regards to its placement over the twin fins, in front of the fins, behind the fins, etc. at the end of the wave i wanted to see how hard i could pivot the board, so i tried to place my back foot as far back as i could. i ended up stepping off the back of my board and i did a nice ear-plant as the wave closed out. i came up giggling about it, because it seemed funny at the time

on the very next wave, i noticed i had a little bit of pain coming from my neck and shoulder area. by last night, i was in full “stretch mode” and i was icing my neck and shoulder all night. when i woke up this morning, it didnt feel any better, nor any worse. i decided to be mellow and not go surfing. i trust i will feel better tomorrow. its not much. it just feels like a really light whip-lash.

my brother david called me and told me it was blown out anyway.
maybe he was just trying to make me feel better…


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