my father and me, back in the day.

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studio singers blog

i created a new blog for the Studio Singers of Long Beach City College, CA.

check it out:



its about 2:30am, and im sitting in bed wide awake.

today was difficult at times.

i attended the funeral of the sister of a good friend of mine. although i did not know her very well, i do feel connected to her and her family. i was reminded of how short this life can be, and that a natural sense of urgency is a healthy way to live this life.

after the funeral, i just seemed out of sorts all day. nothing really seemed to flow easily. i attempted to create a new blog for the studio singers of long beach city college. i tried to post photos i found on line, but each photo proved to be too low in resolution for the blog. i then attempted to get photos from other members i know, but they were understandably too busy to deal with me at the moment or i was a “weirdo” and couldnt get the photos i wanted at the time. i decided to let it go for the day, and will return to it some time over the next few days. i intend to have this blog up and running by the end of next week. if youd like to see the little bit thats been done so far, please click here.

i then made my way to the grand opening of a new surf shop in my hood called Shelter Surf Shop. it was a trip. we all watched the movie “Invasion From Planet C” which l would best describe as one of the strangest surf movies ive ever seen. i have photos that ill post later.

i went home and had some quiet time. i realize that im dealing with some third chakra energy issues. in my meditations, ive had new desires that are louder than ever. strange to me, since i attempt to live my life with out desires……..or, at least see them for what they are…still, i feel my inner voice is telling me certain things that ive either ignored or not listened to in the past.

so heres what ive heard recently: id like to create a singing partner. a female voice. someone who likes to sing as much as i do. someone who will perform duets with me. someone who i could assist, and who could assist me as well. its strange because i sing in various vocal groups at school, yet i have not been able to find that one person. i guess its all about timing. i trust this person will come to me, and ill be posting our recordings on this blog soon. maybe that is why im writing about it now. you know, the power of intention, the written word, the proclaimed affirmation, genuine prayer, etc?

but for now, i hear songs in my head that have a female voice and my voice. im not sure why this person hasnt been created in my life yet. maybe its because i stink, and my voice sucks? i trust.

as i stated earlier, i do feel a sense of urgency.

…and at the same time i cant help but see the perfection in all of it.

gia’s 3rd birthday!

gia’s birthday party!

the little birthday princess!

canon graced us with a song.

gia danced.

we sang happy birthday…

we ate some cake…

gia opened her presents with help from cousin canon.

gia rode the scooter she received from nino phil.

time is flying by!

my neck

i didnt go surfing today.

i didnt mention it in my post yesterday, but i kooked out and hurt my neck. on one of my final waves, i was experimenting with my back foot in regards to its placement over the twin fins, in front of the fins, behind the fins, etc. at the end of the wave i wanted to see how hard i could pivot the board, so i tried to place my back foot as far back as i could. i ended up stepping off the back of my board and i did a nice ear-plant as the wave closed out. i came up giggling about it, because it seemed funny at the time

on the very next wave, i noticed i had a little bit of pain coming from my neck and shoulder area. by last night, i was in full “stretch mode” and i was icing my neck and shoulder all night. when i woke up this morning, it didnt feel any better, nor any worse. i decided to be mellow and not go surfing. i trust i will feel better tomorrow. its not much. it just feels like a really light whip-lash.

my brother david called me and told me it was blown out anyway.
maybe he was just trying to make me feel better…

bolsa 5/23/07

today i surfed bolsa chica again. 1ft to 3ft, fair shape, super low tide. totally fun! the red tide seems to have vanished. i surfed the 7ft KG twin fish again. i was reminded of how fun the surf can be as long as there is decent shape. the only complaint i have about the KG fish is that sometimes its too fast for these small waves, and itll fly way in front of the wave. i compensate by doing long round cut-backs, which are totally fun anyway. more surf tomorrow…

canon and me

canon and me

surf 5/22/07

i surfed bolsa today. small. 1 to 2 ft, with a little texture and some red tide. i was still able to catch a dozen little fun ones. i surfed the 7ft KG twin fish. i love this board. fast. gabe paddled out on the “laker board of death”.

im finished with school for a few weeks, so i intend to do nothing but surf every day…

week in may 07

ive been booked with gigs and performances over the past 5 days. if youd like to see what ive been up to, click here.

mother’s day

my mother and baby ciel

happy mother’s day!

Romeo’s Bachelor Party

i was in Rosarito Beach, Mexico last week for Romeo’s Bachelor Party…

Romeo’s last few days of freedom.

views from our room


rosarito is all about wrist bands. joe didnt like wearing his all week.

random wrestler guitar hombre

me by the pool

the big van

once again, posy did well…

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tequila in tahoe

me, in lake tahoe, having my first drink in over 3 years.
touring with a jazz choir can make you drink again…

sano to mex

surfed sano today with smurf. surfed the 7ft KG twin. 1ft to 2ft……real small, but just wanted to surf for an hour or so. also, it seemed like the right thing to do since we were driving down to mexico.

at the moment, im sitting in the lobby at the rosarito beach hotel. nice. we arrived here around 6pm, and it looks like a nice northwest swell is building. should catch some good waves tomorrow.

i was in lake tahoe last week. fun stuff. photos to follow soon.


this is possibly the greatest video of all times.

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