surf and sand resort

me and some hot island chick i met by the pool
gabe on kit
chris on bassim000368.jpg
a conga line
more dancing
and even more dancing

this is the first time ive taken photos at one of our performances. as you can tell, my little digital camera is a bit ruff around the edges, but i think it will do.
i intend to take a few photos at each of our shows. i trust my technique will improve over time. its tough to take photos from the band stand while performing! maybe ill try a little video some time in the near future?

tonight we performed for a poolside party at the surf and sand resort in laguna beach, california. we perform at the SnS often, and we always have a good time entertaining for different companies and organizations.
i believe we all had a good time…


today we performed at oceanview high school in huntington beach. part of their multicultural week celebration. fun stuff!

im creating this post to remind me to take my small digital camera to all of my gigs. we perform all over the place, and we get to see all kinds of people and things. i just keep forgetting to bring my camera for a quick shot of whats going on. people are always asking where we’ve been, what we’ve been doing, where we’ve been performing, etc. ill start taking a few photos of each gig. we played a little over 140 shows last year, and if i wouldve taken a photo from each show, it would be an interesting study to look at by the end of the year.

interesting to me…

st. patty’s day

for st. patty’s day i went to ports o call in san pedro and ate oysters with other fellow mexicanos. im traditional that way. note the green pants.


chillin with minnie at d-land


this past weekend i…
surfed Bolsa on Saturday. small. the new speed dialers worked well.

played drums in the Long Beach City College Big Band on Saturday night.

surfed and hung out with Canon at H.B. on Sunday.

it was a good weekend.

speed dialers

the surf was small today at bolsa chica. there were some little mushy waves, and i just wanted to try these new speed dialer fins i got last week.

i managed to get a few little turns. the fins seem fine. fast. loose.


tigga on the bed

we’ve been friends since 97.

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steel parade at hurricanes this sunday, march 4th


Steel Parade is at Hurricanes Bar and Grill this Sunday, March 4th, 5p-9p.
no cover.
down the street from the Huntington Beach Pier.

we havent played here since the end of last year.
always a scene.
HB in all its glory.
if youre not doing anything Sunday night, check it out.



from cartoonist Adam Zyglis, Buffalo, NY, The Buffalo News.
visit Adam’s site by clicking here.

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