me with the 6ft zippifish
twin keel set up…..before the quad experiment.

ive been experimenting over the past year with various fishy and hybrid/fun boards and fin set ups. the boards ive obtained and surfed are:

5’10” zippifish twin…………….i love this board.
5’10” name?……………………this board sucked. i gave it away.
6′ epoxy zippifish quad/twin…my current favorite.
6′ hoffman twin………………..i added a small trailer fin later to see how it performed.
6’8″ zippifish quad/twin……….my one board quiver.
7′ king fish twin w/trailer fin…fun and fast.
7′ corky carrol twin……………similar to a bing twin with its big boxed fins and boxed tail
7′ kane garden twinzer/twin….fun too.
7′ okamoto……………………..aka “the laker board of death”

here are my random thoughts:

i like twins.
i like a keel twin set up rather than a “regular” non-keel twin set up.
i like the feel and hold of the quad set up better than the twin.
i dont notice any loss of speed with the quad set up…..i havent surfed the quad in overhead surf yet, so that may change.
quads are much easier for me to ride backside than twins.
i can still make long carvy cutbacks with a quad.
i like the feel of a quad and twin over a thruster for waves that are not overhead.
i dont like twinzers too much…..they feel like thrusters to me. yet, i do have a 7’kingfish with a twin set up and a small center trailer fin and i seem to like it.

i have a few more questions that have not been answered.
i intend to figure these things out over the next year:

how well does a speed dialer work?
bonzer?…..i really want a bonzer….ive never ridden one.

and here are a few other thoughts i am aware of:

this is totally about me and the way i surf.
i am not a professional surfer.
i know what is a “dog board” for me, can be a “perfect board” for someone else.
these conclusions are just my own personal opinions.
these opinions are not meant to sway anybody else’s opinions in any way.
once again, these are just my own little conclusions and opinions.

i am also aware that if you are not a surfer, this post makes no sense to you at all!

if you do surf, and have any input, please comment.


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One Response to “quad”

  1. denise Says:

    Hey Phil,
    you said you were going to call me and we were going to go surfin. So whats up? you have my number. when we get waves, hopefully soon, lets go catch a couple. I really want to try your zippi board. I am free most weekday mornings, call me!!!!!!!

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