my first post!

high! just thought id get this thing going. i intend to gather all of my random interests on to one blog. so, ill get started…

i play steel drums with my band steel parade.
you can check out the steel parade blog as well.

i do a lot of surfing.
ive been experimenting with fish surfboards recently…..specifically boards made by zippifish.

feel free to leave a comment and get this thing flowing.

more to come…


8 Responses to “my first post!”

  1. eclecticmoon Says:


  2. vinnie pires Says:

    a pleasure knowing how your head wonder we were friends as kids.great minds think alike and typically congregate.keep up the good vibe,hope we see eachother soon.


  3. danny Says:

    You do love your fish.Who sells the KIngfish now .I have had no luck trauling on the internet.Keep getting reference to Just Longboards ,which seems to have disappeared and ET which no longer sells boards .Appreciate any help

  4. steelparade Says:

    Danny, where do you live?

    Just Longboards and ET Surf are basically the same surf shop, as they are side by side in Hermosa Beach, CA. Pat Ryan, better known as Gumby, shapes the kingfishes at Just Longboards. check em out:

    Just Longboards
    904 Aviation Blvd, Hermosa Beach CA 90254
    310.379.7660 or 310.379.7666

    over the next few weeks im gonna post photos of each of my fishes along with a review of each board.

    lemme know if you have any kingfish questions.


  5. ivonnekno Says:

    okay..soo .. i live @ south padre island . in texas..and the only waves there are ..are about the size on which you were surfing kind of new to surfing and i was thinking of buyng another board(i broke the other one i had…i kinda crashed to some rocks..IT WAS A FISH BOARD))..well thing is that i dont quite know what kind of board i should buy..WHICH KIND OF BOARDS DO YOU THINK ARE BETTER FOR SMALL WAVES??..thank u so much for your timee..see ya…


    ~high Ivonne,

    a few things…

    with out knowing your age, weight, etc, ill do my best to answer your questions.

    1. fish board.

    these boards are just plain fun, and do well in most small wave situations. you say youve surfed one already, so you know the feel. heres the thing…….not all fish surfboards are the same! my personal favorite fish is Zippifish. there are others, but the Zippifish is the board ive come to know and love.

    2. longboard.

    i dont know your height and weight, but a longboard around 9′ is the common standard. there are many different types of longboards, so this is a discussion that could go on forever. in the end, its really a big stable board that works well in small waves.

    3. go ahead and email your age, height, and weight to me.(this isnt sumthin you have to post here for everyone to see) ill be able to give you a more specific suggestion.

    4. stay away from those rocks!



  6. Kenneth Says:

    Hey Phil,
    Love your site! I have a surfing question for you – I’ve ridden a 6’8″ Kingfish for years and loved it, but it got stolen recently. I was either going to get another Kingfish – or maybe a Zippi. Can you tell me the differences between the two boards? Might I be able to go shorter with the Zippi, say maybe 6’6″? I’m a middle-aged, very average surfer, about 5’8″, 140 pounds. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    ~Hey Kenneth,

    thanx for the kind words.

    the Kingfish and the Zippifish are two different boards. the Kingfish is a very cool “long-shortboard” that has the glide and ease of a longboard, with the ability to crank some speed and go vert when needed. Gumby (Pat Ryan) developed the Kingfish with the idea that the board would not be shorter than 7ft. i love my Kingfish, as i have surfed it for years. it may be time for a new one.

    the Zippifish is Michael Zippi’s take on the fish, and to put it simply, the board is awesome! i surfed many different fishys before discovering the unique flow of the Zippifish. i started out with a 6′2″, and it felt great. it floated well, and i caught all the waves i paddled for. i then jumped on a 5′10″, and i didnt feel any loss of float or paddle…….but i did notice the improved handling of the board. finally, i surfed a 5′8″ and it blew my mind! it was like a magic little skateboard under my feet. ive talked to Zippi, as well as a few other Zippifish testers and riders, and we all agree that something magical seems to happen when you get to a 5′8″.

    i am 5′7″, 190pds, and an intermediate to advanced surfer with 29 years surfing experience. ive never really been a short board potato chip surfer, so i am amazed i am able to surf a 5′8″ with ease.

    the cool thing about the whole Zippifish deal is that you can call Zippi and talk to him directly.
    he’s mellow, cool, and will let you take demo boards for a while to check it out and make your own decision. try that with any other local shaping guru.

    of course theres more, but i would suggest giving Zippi a call. try one of the demo Zippifish……wadda ya have to lose?

    hope this has been helpful. lemme know if i may answer any other questions.

    Michael Zippi:



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