the puka bar


the puka bar is a new cool place to hang. in my old hood, where i grew up. good to see some life back in the wrig. if youre in the area, youve gotta stop by for a tiki drinky.

gia and me

this is gia and me. gia is my niece, and i am her godfather. pretty cute, dont you think?

thats me!

if you know me, youve probably seen this face…

descanso gardens

yesterday i went to the Descanso Gardens in La Canada, CA. it was my first time there. nice. here are a few random photos.
Descanso Gardens is renown for it’s bright and beautiful camellias.

walking down a path in the garden.


Glennis and i walked into the gift shop as we were leaving the gardens. these “happy mannequins” were on display with hats and shirts. after spending the day walking through the quiet and peaceful gardens, i found these mannequins to be a bit out of place. your thoughts?

my first post!

high! just thought id get this thing going. i intend to gather all of my random interests on to one blog. so, ill get started…

i play steel drums with my band steel parade.
you can check out the steel parade blog as well.

i do a lot of surfing.
ive been experimenting with fish surfboards recently…..specifically boards made by zippifish.

feel free to leave a comment and get this thing flowing.

more to come…